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About Me

Mike Monday

I'm a veteran music producer and over my 17 year career I spent well over 20,000 hours making music in various studios.

I released 3 original albums, well over 300 tracks & remixes, and was humbled to bet invited to play all over the world as a result of the music I made.

But around half way through my career I got increasingly sick & tired of a repeating loop I'd find myself in:

By the time I'd get known for making music in a particular genre - I'd be completely bored of it!

So I'd change it up to stay fresh -
only to find the same thing happening again & again.

About the 3rd or 4th time round this loop - I started to wonder...

"How can I make music in ANY genre
and still sound like Mike Monday?"

"How could I make music only  can make?"

 "How can I make music that sounds like ME?

So I studied how unique innovative music is made...

I focused on figuring out how those artists who ALWAYS sound like them do it...no matter what genre they're working in. 

Did these legendary musicians always sound like them?
Was it just innate talent or vision?
Or was it something else?

I put all this research together with what I'd studied during my
Oxford Music Degree about innovative classical composers like Mozart, Bach and Stravinsky.

And, of course - then I GOT BUSY.
I started experimenting in the studio...

By the way - this "experimenting" also coincided with my biggest successes and splashes in the music industry, and (more importantly)  my most fulfilling and exciting moments in the studio!

What I discovered? It excited me to say the least. :)

I discovered there IS a process.
There IS a roadmap.
There IS a set of steps & way of thinking
which all unique & innovative music springs from.

In short...


And after much honing and refining out of  coaching 100s of music producers through the process...


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My Mission

To help music producers just like you...
have way more fun...
making heaps more quality music you love...
in much less time...
with way better results! 

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